All About Anti-Aging!

All About Anti-Aging!

Anti-aging refers to the methods applied to slow down or reverse the aging process. With anti-aging, it is aimed to renew the skin, balance the hormones, and prevent diseases related to aging. Your skin, which is directly affected by the environment and lifestyle, is the organ with the most signs of aging.

But it is possible to slow down the aging process. With anti-aging care, the energy of the cells is increased; With cosmetic care, the aging process of the skin is slowed down. A healthy diet and regular exercise strengthen this process.

What Causes Aging?

According to scientific studies, the internal and external factors that cause aging are: the emergence of free radicals, excessive sugar consumption, decrease in some hormones due to advancing age, unhealthy and sedentary life, smoking, stress, poor quality of life, unhealthy diet.

What are the Purposes of Anti-Aging?

The main purposes in anti-aging care:

  • Renewing connective cells and skin tissue.
  • Balancing hormonal irregularities.
  • To take precautions and diagnoses against diseases that may occur after aging.

Are Anti-Aging Cosmetics Helpful?

It is possible to provide very successful anti-aging care with anti-aging cosmetic products. Antiaging skin care should enter our lives in the form of preventive care at a young age. For this, we need appropriate moisturizers, correct skin cleansing, correct make-up and most importantly, effective protection from the harmful rays of the sun. We recommend you to use anti-aging effective skin care products against skin problems such as wrinkles and lines, staining, sagging skin, increased sensitivity to the sun.

Anti-aging creams; It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and give the skin a tight look. By having a regenerative effect on the skin, it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, a smooth skin surface and clear skin lines.

Apart from these, what can be done in anti-aging care?

1- Exercise regularly

It is very important to do physical activity appropriate for your age at any age. What the exercise will be should be adjusted according to your age and capacity. Basically, you can take a regular walk every day. Even if you can't do it every day, half an hour of brisk walking at least three days a week is always beneficial.

2- Pay attention to your diet

Pay attention to your nutrition. Get your health primarily from food, not from drugs. Avoid excess weight. Obesity is a serious danger that accelerates aging.

3- Drink plenty of water

The habit of drinking water, which seems simple and often neglected, is one of the sine qua non of healthy aging. Daily water and fluid consumption is very important for regular digestion and for our physiological and even mental health. Many biochemical reactions in the human body take place with water. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

4- Pay attention to your sleep pattern

Sleep pattern and quality are much more important than you think. Therefore, do not stay awake so that your body can rest and re-energize. Sleep duration and quality may decrease with advancing age, but there are many ways to change this. If possible, try to achieve this in some natural ways, without resorting to sleeping pills. The first way to do this is to go to bed with your head cleared.

5- Get your health checks done

Get your health checks done regularly. For this, do not neglect to go to your doctor not only when you are sick, but also when you are healthy.

6- Stay away from toxic substances

Staying away from toxic substances such as cigarettes and alcohol is one of the most important factors for healthy aging. Momentary pleasures can cause permanent damage to the body and accelerate aging.

Never forget!

As a result, anti-aging care should be considered as a philosophy of life, both physical and spiritual, and it should not be forgotten that the desired success cannot be achieved with only one-way measures. For this reason, both healthy nutrition, healthy life and cosmetic care should be carried out in a balanced way.

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